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Reiki Treatments

How long is a treatment?

A full Reiki treatment typically take one hour for the front and back of the body. You may prefer sitting up to lying down. Treatments can be shorter based on your needs and availability.

Do I need to undress?

No, Reiki is always delivered fully clothed. 

What does Reiki feel like?
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A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance. People report feeling heat, tingling and other sensations during a treatment. Some people feel lighter or more relaxed afterwards. Everyone is different.

Will Reiki interfere with other treatments?

It is recommended that you seek advice from your medical doctor or other healthcare practitioner if you have a health condition. Reiki can support and enhance medical treatment. Reiki supports the body's natural healing, improving healing time, eliminating pain and reducing stress.

How much does it cost?

The cost depends on the length of the session and location.

1 hour session £60 

40 minute session £40 

Add £15 for a treatment at home with a treatment coach. Ensure you have adequate private space for a treatment to take place.

Distant Healing: 30 minute session £30 

As Reiki is an energy practice, it can be received face to face, but also at a distance. You can choose an allowed time to receive Reiki.

I deliver free distant healing to NHS Professionals as part of the ReikiMedicare Service.

Distant Healing
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