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What is Soul Healing?
Soul healing is an esoteric form of energy healing based no the
work of Alice Bailey. She believed disease comes about when the energy of our soul is inhibited.


How does it work?

By generating the energy field within the healers Soul it supports the client to come into contact with their soul essence. Healing takes place as energy flows from non physical into the physical thereby creating a healing effect on the body.

The session can be carried out lying down, seated or from a distance. Healing is usually hands on, but can be carried out without touch, if preferred. Sound can also be an aspect of the session, led by the impulse of the therapist and the needs of the client. Voice, drum, rattle are some of the instruments that can be used during the session.

What is it useful for?

Soul healing is a very deep healing. Its aim is to regain wholeness by balancing the energy of the soul, consciousness, ego and physicality. It works on many levels and can be a catalyst for transformational insights.

What does it cost?

1hr £60

90minutes £90

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